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West Wittering Café Exhibition Feedback

Thank you for viewing our Exhibition and for your time in providing feedback.

a) Safety

Does the proposed Café mean the beach will operate in the safest manner possible?

b) Conservation

A Café which protects water quality and enhances the environment for wildlife and how we manage waste.

c) Operational Effectiveness

A Café which helps us cope with the changing seasonal demands (visitors, weather) allows safe deliveries and good working conditions for staff.

d) Visual Impact

Potential for the Café design to deliver a building which is ‘of the land as opposed to on it’, one that blends in with the natural environment or even enhances it.

2. Do you have any other comments?

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West Wittering Cafe Committee


1. How do you rate the proposed design and the Design Brief against the overall objectives for the new café?

(Please select Excellent, Good, OK or Poor for our four assessment criteria)

West Wittering Café - November 2017 Consultation

Back to Exhibition RESPONSE FORM

Following our first public consultation that focused on location, we are pleased to display the feedback and outcomes below and also designs for the new building as part of our second consultation.

At the end of the presentation, there is a form that will allow you to provide feedback regarding the design of the new building, this can be submitted online. Should you wish to complete the form in a hard copy format, please visit the Estate Office to collect one.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at our plans.